Frequently asked questions

Monimoto device

How is Monimoto different from other alarm systems?
  • DIY system – almost no technical knowledge is required from you! You will not need to do any wiring, nor have any special tools. All you need to do is setup your Device using the Monimoto App and attach it to your motorcycle.
  • You do not need to recharge the batteries every 2 weeks. Monimoto primary batteries last for a very long. Depending on the brand of the batteries, they should easily last over a year (the same pair of batteries).
  • Monimoto also has an international SIM card inside that works in most European countries.
  • Monimoto doesn’t drain your motorcycle’s 12V or 6V battery. Your bike is guaranteed to start. Monimoto will never breach your bike warranty.
  • Device calls your mobile phone in one minute to notify you of the unauthorized vehicle use. You will be notified immediately, where other trackers just send text messages or emails, which nowadays can be left ignored. On the other hand, most react to a phone call.
Can I use multiple Devices with a single phone?
Yes! You can have as many Devices as you want, and all of them can be paired with the same smartphone. All of your devices will appear in one list in the Monimoto App.

Also let’s take this example: Bruno has an adventure bike that he travels with and a cafe racer that he built himself. He bought two Monimoto Devices and put each one of them into one of his vehicles to protect them. Given that he is the only owner of two vehicles, he can pair all of his Devices with his smartphone and only one of the Keys. Then, whichever vehicle he is using – both Devices are ready to report a theft in case it occurs. Bruno will receive all notifications in one place.

Can I lend my Monimoto-equipped vehicle to a friend?
You can do that. You have several options here:

  • If you want to lend your vehicle and want it to remain protected – give your Monimoto-equipped motorcycle and the Monimoto Key to a friend. This way, the vehicle remains protected. If an alarm is activated, you will receive a call and push notifications to your phone.
  • If you only give your Monimoto-equipped vehicle to a friend without a Key – you can send Monimoto to sleep for up to 24 hours. This way, however, it will not remain protected for 24 hours as it will not be looking for motion while the Device is in sleep mode. When the sleep period ends – you will receive a notification with current Monimoto coordinates.
  • If you only give your Monimoto-equipped vehicle to a friend without a Key, you can constantly get locations in 5 or 30 min periods. Battery will be consumed on average in 2-7 days in this mode, depending on whether the Device is moving or idle.
Will Monimoto sound an alarm?
Monimoto will only notify you that your motorcycle is moving. It will not sound any alarm, block any mechanical parts of your motorcycle, or give itself away in any other way.
Is Monimoto waterproof?
Yes, Monimoto meets the IP65 standards, which means that it is protected from dust and against low-pressure water jets, such as a faucet. That should be more than enough for normal use. The Key is not waterproof.

Monimoto Key

What is Monimoto Key?
The Key is a small device that comes with the Monimoto set and utilizes Bluetooth technology. When the Key is not present near the motorcycle, any sufficient movement or vibration activates the Alarm mode in Monimoto. (To trigger the alarm, other conditions must be fulfilled.).

Monimoto Key is not supposed to be used as a key chain and should be kept separate from your motorcycle keys. This way, if your keys are stolen or lost – you will not need to fear that your motorcycle can be stolen without any notifications. We recommend that you keep your Monimoto Key in the pocket of your motorcycle jacket or trousers, and keep it away from contact with water, as it is not waterproof.

Tip: If you keep the vehicle close to your house, less than 50 meters away (160 ft) – make sure that the Key and the Device does not retain the connection between each other. If they do – alarm will not start until the bike is taken away, out of the Key & Device reception zone. If your bike is kept outside and the Key is inside, the reception zone can vary from few meters to 30 meters (100 ft), depending on the walls and other concrete objects. Only in rare occasions the Key can connect to Monimoto Device at more than 15 meters (50 ft) distance, as walls or windows limit the Bluetooth signal significantly.

How many Keys can I add to Monimoto Device?
You can add up to 3 Keys to each Monimoto Device. If you happen to have more than 1 Monimoto Device, same Key can be used with multiple devices.
How many Monimoto Devices can I add to one Key?
You can pair one Key to as many Monimoto Devices as you like. For example, your car and your motorcycle – you can use same Key since you would not drive both vehicles simultaneously.

When pairing Monimoto Device with a new Key that is already paired with another Device – it’s important to make sure that you only have that one Monimoto Device within Bluetooth range at that moment. Otherwise, you can not add the same Key to the other Monimoto Device.

SIM card

Are there any fees I need to pay after purchase?
There is no compulsory subscription. We only take a monthly fee of €3 for GSM connectivity. This is billed annually and payment is conducted via the Monimoto App. If you choose to use your own SIM card, you won’t pay us a penny!
In which countries does Monimoto work?
Monimoto comes with an international SIM card that works within the European Union territory plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

If you need to use Monimoto in any other location where our SIM card does not work but GSM service is available – you might need to use a different SIM card in Monimoto.

Supported countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

How do I pay for Monimoto SIM card / GSM service?
In general – you will be charged a 3 EUR monthly fee (paid for the whole year in advance, as a 36 EUR annual fee). You will receive two notifications before the end of the free GSM service period (which is 2 months). When GSM service expires – you will be able to renew your account from the Monimoto App.

Currently, the payment functionality is not implemented in our App so you can continue to use it for free. Once it is ready – we will inform all users by push notifications, most likely in 2018 Q3.

Can I use my own SIM card in Monimoto device?
Yes, you can! But consider these advantages of the default SIM card:

  • Our SIM card has roaming enabled by default, so it will work anywhere in the European Union plus some other European countries.
  • Our SIM card works with at least two GSM operators in each country (up to six operators in some countries). This guarantees continuous GSM network coverage throughout the entire country territory.
  • With our SIM card, you will be notified before the account is empty so you can top it up in time. We will not be able to do that with other cards.
  • Our SIM card has APN settings sorted while others might require you to enter APN details during the pairing process.
Will Monimoto work with a non-EU SIM card?
Yes, it will. The default SIM card only works in Europe, but you can swap the default card with your local SIM card wherever you are and use the device without limitations.

For third party SIM cards, you need to enter APN – ask your local operator.

IMPORTANT: Devices sold in Europe only work with 2G network, so they will not work in the USA and some other regions. If you are going to travel to some specific region and are not sure if Monimoto works there – please check with us.

Can I use Monimoto SIM card in my Smartphone?
We are not sure why would you need to…

Monimoto SIM card is only meant to be used in the Monimoto Device, therefore it will be blocked automatically once it tries to register from a smartphone. You will need to contact us if that happens so we can unblock it for you. Please note that charges will apply for the unblocking procedure!


Can I charge Monimoto batteries?
No. This is strictly forbidden as it can lead to a fire, chemical leak, and other dangerous and undesired consequences; including a possible explosion.
What affects the battery life? How can I save battery power?
Monimoto Device
Alarm Mode is the main factor that drains the battery. With this in mind – you don’t want to have many false alarms. In other words, avoid moving the Monimoto when the Key is away. New batteries are enough for up to 500 location notifications.

Monimoto Key
In general, any kind of motion or vibration drains the Key battery. While riding a motorcycle, the lowest energy consumption is observed when the Key is next to Monimoto. While the motorcycle is parked the lowest energy consumption is observed when the Key is outside of the range of the Monimoto. This suggests that carrying the Key with you at all times is not efficient, and that is true. However, we do not recommend leaving the Key next to your motorcycle either as that will leave the motorcycle unprotected.

How do I know if my Monimoto's batteries are empty?
You should be notified by a push notification when Monimoto battery level falls below 20%. Another notification will arrive when battery level hits the 10% threshold. Do not wait until they are completely empty and replace when the first or second notification is received.

Easiest way to get most recent battery level is to connect to Device via app in Settings tab. Once you connect – battery is checked and the latest level in is shown.

You can also check the red LED on the device. If it is blinking one long flash every second – the battery is very low.

How long will Monimoto work in Alarm mode?
In Alarm mode, the batteries are drained fast. It depends if Monimoto is continuously moving or not (batteries drain faster if moving), but you can expect at least several days in either case. New battery set usually is enough for up to 500 location notifications.
What batteries does Monimoto Device use?
Monimoto Device comes with two CR123A primary batteries that can be easily found in most convenience or photo equipment stores. Once the battery level reaches the critical level (don’t worry, you will be notified), simply open the enclosure, remove the old ones, insert new, and close the enclosure.

IMPORTANT: You must not use rechargeable batteries if you find any for sale at all. They have a different electrical parameters and we cannot guarantee that Monimoto will work properly, nor that the correct battery level will be displayed.

Also – do not use new and old batteries together as this will lead to the false battery level indication in the app.

Monimoto App

Which smartphones can be used with Monimoto?
iPhone 5S, iOS version 10.3.1 or later; Android version 5.0 or later. The only other condition: your smartphone must have Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE) as the connection between your phone and Monimoto is arranged using this technology.

Monimoto does not work with Android Marshmallow 6.0. More about this issue can be found here.

What languages are your App and notifications available in?
English, Italian and French are currently the languages of our app and of all the push notifications and events. More languages will be introduced in the future.
Can I receive notifications to multiple phones?
Yes, that is possible. You can receive push notifications (but not calls) to as many phones as you like. All you need to do is simply login with the same account (your phone number that you used to setup Monimoto for the first time is your account ID). All the auxiliary phones will have limited access to Monimoto (it’s called cloud access). For example, you will not be able to configure Monimoto settings from them, but you will receive push notifications to all phones in case of alarm.
Should I keep Bluetooth always ON on my phone?
Monimoto device utilizes Bluetooth only for initial pairing and for adjusting settings. Therefore, it is up to you whether you want to keep Bluetooth on or off. Bluetooth 4.0 is low power technology, and it does not have a significant affect on your phone’s battery, when in standby.

You can find more answers on our dedicated Monimoto support website.

Also have a look at our User Manual that is supposed to answer all your questions about the product and help you resolve any issues.